CS614 : Data Warehousing

CS614: Data Warehousing Assignment No 3 fall 2017

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    Assignment No. 3 Semester Fall 2016 Data Warehousing–
    CS614 Total Marks: 10 Due Date: 18-01-2017
    Objective: This assignment has been designed to develop your understanding of parallelism in a Data warehousing environment. Instructions: Please read the following instructions carefully before solving & submitting the assignment: 1. The assignment will not be accepted after due date. 2. Zero marks will be awarded to the assignment that does not open or the file is corrupt. 3. The assignment file must be an MS Word (.doc) file format; Assignment will not be accepted in any other format. 4. Zero marks will be awarded to the assignment if copied (from other student or copied from handouts or internet). 5. Zero marks will be awarded to the assignment if the Student ID is not mentioned in the assignment file. For any query about the assignment, contact only at CS614@vu.edu.pk Please do not post queries related to assignment on MDB.

    Question 1: [5 Marks]

    Use the Amdahl’s Law (mentioned below) to prove that the speed up does not remain the same, as the ratio of
    sequential code and number of processors (on which this code is executed) is doubled.
    Initial fraction of code that can be executed sequentially = 10%
    Initial number of processors = 100
    Note: Assumes zero (0) overhead and “perfect” parallelism.
    You have to compare both the results (initial result and result after doubling the given values)

    Question 2: [5 Marks]

    Suppose, we are performing 20 tasks sequentially using a machine each task taking 5 seconds. Now we are
    planning to divide each task into 5 sub-tasks and perform these tasks using pipelining.
    How much speed up, we will get after applying the pipelining concept.
    Note: You have to perform and show the mathematical calculations in the solution.
    Note: Deadline for Assignment submission is 18th January, 2017.


    Points: 3,634


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