Google’s new Chromecast is now officially here.

While the new streaming dongle didn’t get a mention onstage at the company’s special media event in New York today, it did quietly roll out on Google’s website along with the other product announcements. 

According to Google, the new Chromecast is up to 15 percent faster than the second generation model, with capabilities to stream 1080p at up to 60 frames per second.

The new Chromecast also allows users to stream audio from services like YouTube Music and Spotify to their TV as well sync up the music to any speaker connected to Chromecast. This multiroom audio feature, which acts much like Chromecast Audio, will be available on the Chromecast later this year. Google will also roll out this function to current owners of the second-generation Chromecast, too.

Some rumored details about the new Chromecast leaked months ago, like pretty much all the other newly announced products. However, these rumored updates to the third generation Google Chromecast found in FCC filings, like Bluetooth and faster 5 GHz WiFi capabilities, are not listed in the tech specs on the Google Store website.

The new Chromecast at the Made By Google event.

The new Chromecast at the Made By Google event.


Design-wise, the new Chromecast looks very similar to the old Chromecast. There are some small design changes like a matte finish and a swapping of the Chrome logo for a Google “G” one. Some of these design details about this new Chromecast also leaked after photos of the product made its way online after physical retail stores jumped the gun and accidentally sold Google’s latest streaming device before it was even announced.


This is Google’s first refresh of the Chromecast since 2015 and honestly, not much has changed. If you count the more expensive Chromecast Ultra, which you’ll still need if you want to stream 4K content, it’s the first update since 2016.

Google's third generation Chromecast comes in two colors, as seen here.

Google’s third generation Chromecast comes in two colors, as seen here.


The new Google Chromecast for $35, the same price as previous generations. It comes in Chalk or Charcoal color offerings. 

There are also bundles available with the new Chromecast. You can save $10 and grab a Google Home Mini with Google’s latest streaming media device for $74. If you really want that 4K content, you can package the Chromecast Ultra with the new for $193, which totals .

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