Android P, the latest mobile OS from Google, will have encrypted connections: Google is recommending APP developers to use TLS (Transport Layer Security) on all connections, and users will be able to change their DNS resolver in all apps and networks, which is not possible at the moment, in Android (in iOS is also not possible).

Recently we cover the new Cloudflare Public DNS Resolver. At the moment, Android users can only use Public DNS on Android via wifi connections, but on the next Android versions, Android users will be able to have a private and encrypted DNS, without having to install an App:

Google security team says that “Android considers all networks potentially hostile and so encrypting traffic should be used at all times, for all connections. Mobile devices are especially at risk because they regularly connect to many different networks, such as the Wi-Fi at a coffee shop.”
Google pushing TLS
In the past, Google pushed all the websites to use https:// instead of http://, so users have encrypted connections while browsing the web. More than half of the web is now encrypted, however, there are two sources of connections that stayed untouchable: the default DNS used by the ISPs and the connections used on the Apps by many developers. Google is taking action on this now.




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