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    Aqsa Tariq


    This group is designed with the aim to ‘enlist’ members who have been involved in violation of Community/Chat Rules and regulations, for which their membership has been Temporarily/permanently suspended.
    Banned members are advised not to argue with moderator for Clarifications, as well as mail to community owner is strictly prohibited.VUSTUDENTS.NING.COM TEAM will look into the matter and if the banned member is found not guilty, his membership will be re-activated.

    Member in case of logging a ‘bad chat’ or ‘community rule violation’ complaint is required to > Start a new discussion > write name of the person, who you want to file complaint against > upload the screen shot of the conversation or any related material > upload and save it. Moderators and VUSTUDENTS.NING.COM TEAM will look into the matter and if person is found guilty on the basis of provided evidences, his/her membership from the community will beTemporarily/permanently suspended.

    For community Rules click HERE
    For Chat Rules click HERE
    For more information about ‘bad chat’; click HERE

    Note: To make a ‘Snap shot’, ‘Screen shot’ of related material, or ‘bad chat’, push ‘print scrn’ button, usually located in the top right corner of the keyboard > go to Ms Paint or any other image editor > press ‘CTRL+V’ or select ‘paste’ option from the ‘Edit’ menu > save the file by selecting ‘save’ or ‘save as’ option from the ‘file’ menu.



    When you have questions for your fellow Friends, Please start a new Discussion. I think this will help get more attention to your questions, quicker. EVERYONE, please feel free to start your own Discussions.

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