Far Cry 5 Enemies Guide – Enemy Types, How To Defeat (Combat Tips)

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A Far Cry game is never complete without its trademark badass villains and enemy types. Far Cry 5 is no exception to this. Our Far Cry 5 Enemies Guide will let you in on some of the enemies that you will come across in the game and how you can tackle them.Far Cry 5 EnemiesTaking down the Seed family and the popular cult associated with it is not easy. A lot of enemies will come in your way throughout the game.Be it during a scripted sequence like in the main storyline mission or completely surprisingly during one of your free-roam sessions, the enemies need to be dealt with. Most of these are easily taken out by a long-range sniper or a close quarter shotgun but some need other tactics to be tackled. Below are some enemy types and some basic info on them.CultistThese will carry a variety of different weapons including rifles, pistols, sniper rifles or melee weapons. The most common enemy type, they’re easy to be dealt with since they don’t have any armor or protection. Additionally, their weapons types are of the lowest rank.Armored CultistThese match your standard cultists in their weapon types but they come equipped with an armor. It is recommended that you perform headshots on these type of enemies since a lot of bullets are required before the armor is damaged enough to make them vulnerable.VIP CultistWithout armor but they make up for it in the form of brute strength. They have much better accuracy than the normal cultists and will knock out the enemy with some closely calculated shots. Moreover, they will knock down anyone who gets too close.Headshots and shotgun is recommended to tackle this enemy type. After being defeated, they grant you some Resistance points.Cultist HeavyThey come wearing both an armored vest and a helmet. This makes them particularly strong against small firearms. Use powerful rifles to knock down their helmets and then perform a headshot.Since they come with a machine gun, it’s advisable to not be in an open field. Take them out either stealthily or use explosives to do the job.Cultist FarmerBoosting the same armor and health stats as the Cultist Heavy mentioned above, they wear helmets too. However, they use a flamethrower to set fire to close ranged opponents. You can either take them out using a silent takedown.Alternatively, you can try to concentrate your fire on the fire tanks equipped with their backs. This will result in a huge explosion killing these enemy types. Make sure to keep your distance from Farmer at all times.Hunter and SniperThey hide in places you cannot usually make out. They use camouflage abilities to fire down a powerful and deadly shot. Snipers are detectable because of their red-laser aim. They, however, reload much faster than the Hunters do.Hunters in the game will use bow and arrows to inflict damage. You can use binoculars or your pet Boomer’s abilities to mark these enemies from a distance. This will give you the edge in tackling them.LauncherSituated in cult outposts and high ground. Use explosives like the rocket launcher; they can bring down choppers and land-based vehicles.Therefore, if you’re raining hell from above or on the ground, the moment will be short-lived because of these Launchers. Kill them first before moving onto other enemy types. They don’t wear any armor, so any firearm would do.ChosenUsually working as pilots for the Cult, these ‘Chosen’ enemy types will hunt you down when the Resistance level of a particular area has been increased to level 2. They can be taken out mounted weapons or launcher-type weapons. Also, note that these weapons may sometimes also attack from land. So be wary.AngelThese are the rogue enemy types who have been made to follow the cult by a mysterious drug known as Bliss. They will only come equipped with a melee weapon but the strength lies in their numbers.They will swarm you often but shotguns will do the trick. In addition, the ‘bait’ you use for fishing can be upgraded to attract these Angels. So that way, you can also pick them off, one by one.JudgesThe animal category of enemies, Judges are typically white-coated wolves with a red cross on their heads. They have been affected by ‘Bliss’. Others will include bears and cougars.You will only come across them during missions. Being deadly because of the way they were experimented to do so, Judges can only be put down by heavy machine guns or powerful shotguns. Nothing else.This is all we have in our Far Cry 5 Enemies Guide. If there is anything else that you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!

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