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By Liana Ruppert
– March 31, 2018

First things first: Far Cry 5 is fantastic! Ubisoft delivered on their promise to give fans of the iconic franchise something entirely different, and this different – this different was good. In a wave of bears named Cheezburger, microwaving alien guns, and the search for Big Foot, some players aren’t having the easiest time and that’s mostly due to the fact that they seem to be stuck in an infinite death loop.
Oddly placed save checkpoints are being triggered mere seconds before deaths, such as saving mid-fall off of a cliff. This save feature then keeps the player in this infinite scroll of dying over and over again. It’s like Groundhog’s Day, but with less Bill Murray.
Many players have taken to social media to share their frustration, showcasing the “loop of death” and the loop of aggravation:

One player took to the Reddit forums to share that when they tried to bring a player into their co-op experience to break the loop, the second gamer ended up just getting stuck in the fatal animation cycle as well. In the same forum, another player suggested to tap on the PS button in quick succession to try to pause the title mid load-in.
So far, Ubisoft’s only comment was telling users to just start from a fresh save – but depending on progress, that might not be the best option. Hopefully a fix will deploy soon because more and more players are reporting this issue and it seems to be affecting the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC versions of the game!
One commenter described the loop situation:
“A looped death sometimes occurs when using an airplane, for example when the airplane crashes into a mountain or high obstacle, the game reloads, starts again in the airplane`s cockpit – but the airplane is in this case not flying forward, but freefalling down to the ground without any possibility to accelerate it again and to fly forward again. The only chance to prevent dying and dying and dying and dying again and again is really fast getting out of the plane and use the parachute.
But if the parachute is not avaiable and all skill points are currently spent into other character skills, or if the plane is too low to have enough time to crawl out and open the parachute – a non stoppable endless death loop will occur., and all game progress will be lost….”
For now, the best advice we can offer is to save manually – OFTEN. That way, if you catch yourself in a loop, you have a recent save to fall back on.
(via mp1st)

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