Facebook Sued Over Call and SMS Data Collection

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I love the social network for showing off my latest photos, staying in contact with old friends and catching up on the latest news.On Sunday, Facebook published a blog post that said it only collects that data because users “expressly agreed” to share it when installing Messenger or Facebook Lite, an Android version of Facebook built for emerging markets that doesn’t require as much data or as strong an internet connection.As that sinks in, some are choosing to quit the platform.Facebook has responded to claims that it has been logging Android call and SMS data without consent.Ad targeting options made available on Facebook, according to a lawsuit.We looked to the wise minds at Good (where you’ll also find further information on protecting and limiting your social presence) to figure out how to download the all the best (and worst, admittedly) of our Facebook existence.You don’t need to download the file to find out which advertisers have targeted you and have your personal information, including what your religious and political persuasions are.Go to Settings – Account Settings. Once you receive your files, the information is broken down into sections like contact info, text messages, Facebook messages, advertisers and more.”Mat Johnson ” While data collection was technically ‘opt-in, ‘ in both these cases the opt-in was the default installation mode for Facebook’s application, not a separate notification of data collection, “Ars reported”.Yet Facebook has shared their personal information with me.My data didn’t include phone numbers for relatives who are not on Facebook – but you said the website collected your grandmother’s number. I clicked on another, for a clearly dubious site, promising to explain to me “Why Do Some Women Age Faster Than Others?” So Facebook could use that model to ascertain other characteristics of people who buy Purina cat food, even if Facebook no longer gets data on which users indeed bought Purina. The log contained two years of call and text information.This same level of control has rolled out on Facebook’s Workplace chat where anyone has the ability to send out invitation links for others to become a member.There are almost 20,000 Android phone models now in service, and carriers like to tweak the software for each to ensure that it will work as smoothly as possible on their networks. All you have to do is disable the “Sync Contacts” function.Now, handing over customer data to a third party without knowing how it will be used and not letting your customers know about it is a bad thing. The data is used in the algorithms that help Facebook recommend friends.Facebook is facing backlash from users across the world over the data privacy.”If you really want to go back to the core of it, it also goes back to the users”.

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