Double Cross Grapples Onto Switch, PC this Summer

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13AM Games is one of those developers that remembers retro style games can still be quite enjoyable, which is something that can be seen in their other games like Runbow and Pirate Pop Plus. Their most recently announced title, Double Cross, continues their tradition of bringing an old school feel to a new game but this title plays quite differently than the aforementioned titles. Double Cross is shameless in the fact it simply wants to be old school fun and fans of older titles will notice the various influences that several games of yesteryear that play into its design as it forges a unique identity for itself.
Double Cross is an action adventure platformer that has some element of mystery solving to it. Players will take control of Zahra, an agent belonging to the Regulators of Interdimensional Frontiers and Technology, commonly referred to as RIFT. In a nutshell RIFT are the interdimensional peace keepers who make sure everyone gets along with each other and maintains order across the myriad dimensions. Following a mysterious attack on RIFT headquarters, Zahra has to venture out to solve this interdimensional mystery about who wishes to do harm to RIFT, because hanging out on base during peace time wouldn’t make for a very exciting game.
Double Cross plays like a traditional platformer with a few twists to it. Zahra can run, jump and attack and she will be doing all these things a great deal in her travels but one of her more unique abilities is a three dimensional beam she can utilize. This thing has a few different functions that add a layer of complexity and fun to Double Cross. Zahra can use it to catch projectiles thrown by enemies and then return fire, defeating them with their own weapon or she can aim the pilfered projectile at a different target. She can also use it to grab onto various targets and catapult herself to places she couldn’t reach simply by jumping, which seems like an evolution of the grappling hook used in Bionic Commando.
During a demo session we were able to play one level, though it was communicated that the final version will allow players to tackle the levels in any order they choose. The level we did get to play was old school 2D bliss. Getting the finer points of grappling and flinging Zahra around had a slight learning curve (or maybe I just suck at platformers now that I’m old) but once that got figured out this was quite an enjoyable game. Combat is involved but there seemed to be a greater focus on platforming and exploration. Traversing up and down what could best be described as gooey waterfalls was a means to uncover secrets in the level that could lead to powering up Zahra. Outside of the main level we were able to meet some of the other members of RIFT, one of the more memorable ones being Sgt. Sprout Ironbulk, an individual who does arms twenty days a week and never once has done leg day. He asks Zahra if she can find a way to help him get out of his room, since he has bulked up so much he can’t fit through the door.
Double Cross combines old school 2D gameplay with a charming art style to create something that should be on every platforming fan’s radar. Our time with the demo was too short to render a final verdict, but we wanted to check out some more of what the game had to offer when the demonstration ended. Double Cross is scheduled for a release sometime this summer for PC and Nintendo Switch.

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