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How cool would it be to fly a drone you've built yourself? Very cool, that's what.
How cool would it be to fly a drone you’ve built yourself? Very cool, that’s what.

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If you’re a drone hobbyist, someone who enjoys building and programming cool gadgets, or dare we say both, you need to check out the Flexbot Hexacopter Kit. This tinkerer-friendly kit gives you all the tools you need to build virtually any flying machine you can think up.

The Flexbot Hexacopter is a DIY drone with endless customization possibilities. It’s fully compatible with Arduino, giving you the ability to program the Flexbot with your own code to add or remove any feature you want. You can lower flight noise, add or remove signal — it’s your canvas.

You can even create your own additions to Flexbot’s design by 3D printing new components yourself, building a drone that is completely unique to you. Even if you aren’t much of a tinkerer, the Flexbot’s basic construction is fairly straightforward, allowing you to choose exactly how much of a mad scientist you want to be when you take it out of the box. Plus, the Flexbot is controlled directly from your smartphone, so you can easily take to the skies with whatever you decide to build.

Normally the Flexbot Hexacopter Kit sells for $119.99, but right now Mashable readers can get one  for only $89.99, which is at 25% off its retail price.

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