Apparently, despite what the blizzards indicate, spring is here. Apple has unveiled a bright lineup of new Apple Watch bands to distract us from the bitter cold.

The new bands will be for sale online as well as in some Apple Stores and authorized retailers, and in countries besides the U.S. “later this month” according to the company. 
There are four new bands for Apple Watch, two for Apple Watch Nike+, and four for Apple Watch Hermès. Besides updating colors for the season, the bands for the Nike+ model are designed to match Nike’s latest running shoes. 

Woven nylon band for Apple Watch in a blue-stripe patternThe move will certainly help Apple Watch owners match their smartwatch with upcoming spring outfits; it’s difficult to make a plain or bulky sport band blend with tank tops and pastel. 
With designers such as Kate Spade and DKNY releasing luxury smart watches left and right, it’s clear that the fashion world is intersecting with wearables more than ever. Although it’s becoming a routine ritual at this point, Apple is smart to change its designs as outfits change with the season. 
Now, the company just needs to give us a reason to actually buy an Apple Watch. 




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