According to a new screenshot from the operating system, Android P could take some inspiration from Apple’s iPhone X‘s ‘swipe up’ gesture. 
However, rather than using this gesture to reach the home screen, Android P is expected to instead use it in place of Android’s multi-tasking button, according to 9to5Google.

The changes to the nav bar were in part revealed by a new screenshot from the OS, which revealed changes to all three buttons that have been standard on Android for several versions now.
The central circular button has been changed from a circle to a pill-shaped design, and the back button is now an outline rather than being filled in. Interestingly, the back button will appear and disappear depending on whether it’s useful at that particular moment. It would not appear on the home screen, for example, because at that point pressing it wouldn’t do anything.

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Android P is the next version of Google’s mobile operating system and will be launched at some point in 2017. The biggest features of the new OS include official support for display notches, a new multi-camera API, improved HDR support, and refinements to notifications.
It follows on from Android Oreo, which was released last year. We’re likely to get full details of Android P at Google’s annual developer conference, Google I/O, in May.

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