Far Cry 5 will likely go down in the history books as one of the better open-world games of this generation, offering dozens of hours of high quality content in the main game alone. Once you beat the game, however, things can get a little too quiet in Hope County, especially given the lack of a New Game Plus feature. Fortunately, there is another way to enjoy Far Cry 5, and that is through its Arcade mode. Designed as a place where everyone can create and upload maps and missions for both PvP and PvE encounters using a wide variety of assets, it bears some resemblance to Forge mode from the Halo series in that it makes it virtually impossible to run out of things to do in the game (at little to no cost to the developers).
Naturally, as is the case with most custom content creation features, this also means that there are going to be an overwhelming number of maps to try in the Arcade. It is almost guaranteed that you will have to look for specific maps via the in-game browser eventually (like in the “good old days”), especially as time goes on and more maps are created, as some maps are simply going to be of a higher quality than the others. If you want to enjoy yourself in the Far Cry 5 Arcade and earn no small amount of Dollars and Perk Points for the main game, here are some of the better maps to try out, at least until some of the more creative members of the game’s audience can craft some truly stellar maps.
Sunken City

Author: Ubisoft
As fascinating as Hope County may be, it’s not exactly the most architecturally interesting place in the world. In the Sunken City map, you will find yourself in (as the name implies) a city that’s been completely flooded, and all you have to do is clear the area of what appears to be heavily armed tourists. While it seems possible that the map is inspired by Venice, it is far more dilapidated than its real life counterpart is given that most of the makeshift rooftop shelters are connected by even more makeshift looking bridges. Visually appealing, but it can be annoying if you fall into the water trying to dodge bullets.
Sepoko Hunt

Author: Ubisoft
If the prospect of hunting the most dangerous game on safari seems exciting to you, then you’ll love the Sepoko Hunt map. There is a fair amount of wildlife to obliterate on this map, but your real targets are going to be the poachers who, for whatever reason, have a couple of heavy machine guns mounted on some trucks. You can also drive around and admire the scenery, or do some rock climbing near the poachers’ main camp, or even throw some meat at people to spawn random predators to attack them but either way, Sepoko Hunt is a nice trip to a more exotic location than usual in Far Cry 5. 
Safe Haven

Author: Ubisoft
While most of the other Arcade maps involve killing people with no particular objective, Safe Haven tasks you with traveling from one point to another and killing lots of people along the way. Not exactly the most revolutionary mission in the world but in this case, the journey is going to offer more novelty than the destination. Contrary to what the map name implies, Safe Haven takes place in a city that has outlasted the collapse of society. Buildings are leaning on each other, vines are growing everywhere, rubble is in no small supply, and people are trying to kill you, but the only thing that matters to you is trying to make your way out of the city without dying.
County Jail Breakout

Author: Ubisoft
It is rare to ever encounter a scenario where you will want to settle things in a more personal manner in Far Cry 5 given the fair selection of firearms that you can choose from, but in County Jail Breakout, you will start out with nothing more than your bare hands. The map name leaves little to the imagination in regards to your environment and objective, and for that matter your inventory, but that’s what makes this map unique. Eventually, you will have to overpower some guards and borrow their weapons, but being forced to make do with sticks and stones until then is a relatively unique experience in the Arcade.
Fall’s End Will Burn

Author: Ubisoft
Presumably a what-if scenario where you fail to protect Fall’s End from Eden’s Gate, Fall’s End Will Burn is a visually appealing map where you have to avenge the town by hunting down four cultists who just happen to have flamethrowers. It sounds simple, but for whatever reason, half the town is walled off. The map earns points for aesthetics, but it is somewhat annoying to navigate the blocked streets to find your widely dispersed targets. You can find a truck with a machine gun on top though, so there is a silver lining if you are playing with a friend.
Far Cry Fallout

Author: daftshiftycow (Xbox One)
In true post apocalyptic game fashion, you start this map in a bunker while the outside world has been reduced to ashes. As one may expect, you will then have to leave the bunker and kill some crazy raiders. This time however, a few of the more important raiders that you have to kill to end the encounter look a lot like the main antagonists of Far Cry 5, giving you a chance to personally gun down your least favorite cultist. If there is a flaw with this map, it’s that it can be a bit too easy and quick to complete (though there can be beauty in brevity).

Post AP Survival

Author: ThePhoenixWolf1 (Xbox One)
If Horde mode with zombies seems enticing to you, then this community made map will more than satisfy your desire to gun down wave after wave of melee enemies. For everyone else, you may want to try out this map for its aesthetics and mindless fun, but being forced to kill several dozen zombie-cultists may prove tiring after a while. On the bright side, you can more or less obtain an infinite supply of shovels.
PvP Multiplayer
While there are a lot of pretty maps for PvP play in Far Cry 5 Arcade, whatever enjoyment you may derive from the gamemode will be hampered by the lackluster nature of Far Cry 5’s PvP itself. It is not unheard of for matches to be afflicted by obscene amounts of lag, and even if there weren’t any lag, it is simply far too difficult to identify friend from foe. Some maps also feature some less than desirable modifiers like infinite ammo, causing matches to devolve into grenade throwing contests where everything is exploding at all times. It is inadvisable to play PvP at this time, at the very least until some exceptional maps come along that makes the frustration with the gamemode’s innate low quality worth it.

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